Welcome to AreaPlanSwiss AG

In this age of globalization, we position ourselves as a lean planning, consulting and management organization with an international focus. We are engaged mainly in the integrated examination of projects in the fields of architecture, industry and healthcare systems. Here we provide support on complex projects for institutional investors, project developers and governments. We evaluate and coordinate, advise and optimize with the aim of guiding extensive projects to complete success for all those involved. In doing so, we draw on our global network of relations with specialists, engineers and architects, as well as the expertise of our corporate group.

As a Swiss company, AreaPlanSwiss AG stands for the Swiss quality and production standards that are acknowledged all over the world. In our work, we also involve the investors in our concept with all the important aspects of financial controlling.

This positioning allows us to form the mediating link between investors and planners, to monitor project implementation and coordinate funding. In doing so, we meet the strict general requirements of compliance, corporate rating and corporate processes.